Become a member on our Wholesale Website

If your store is located in the U.S., the basic requirements are:

  • Retailer with a verifiable brick and mortar or online retail location.
  • Approval of New Account and Business Credit Application
  • Meet the minimum order as determined by the quantity in an inner case; this amount can vary from item to item (typically 6 – 24 items per SKU). 

If you meet the above requirements and are interested in applying for an account, please email with the following items:

A short business summary. Tell us about your business. Do you have a brick and mortar location? Online sales? What is your web address and where are your stores located?

If your store is located outside of the U.S. please email

How to Place an Order

There are 3 options to place orders: 

 for a Sales Order Form and use the information in the Bitty Boomers Catalog to fill out the Sales Order Form.

Become a member on our Wholesale Website

Call 212-244-0099 to place an order.